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Your clients seeking privacy and luxurious accommodations on the iconic and idyllic island of Zanzibar need look no further than our partners at The Zanzibar Collection for a choice of award-winning properties nestled on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A visit to the The Zanzibar Collection’s website will introduce you to the unique offerings of each of their all-inclusive properties.

While your clients may lament over the which property to choose, their choice to stay with The Zanzibar Collection is an especially easy one since they run their business with the well being of their neighbors in mind. They have not only invested in growing their property portfolio on Zanzibar, but have also made the decision to invest in the Zanzibari people as well. A full 90% of the staff of The Zanzibar Collection are graduates of the local hotel school. Through enrollment in hospitality training programs and intensive English classes, the islanders acquire skills that not only benefit their careers, but also help to grow the hospitality industry on Zanzibar.

The Zanzibar Collection has also formed a charity, Baraza for Bwejuu, that’s responsible for improving life in the nearby village of Bwejuu. Since its inception, this charity has built a mosque, repainted the Bwejuu clinic, and supplied the clinic with fresh water, medicine, beds, clothes, school supplies, and books. Once a year the folks at The Zanzibar Collection go to the village to clean the beaches, paint the clinic and celebrate another year of working together with the local community. They also sponsor an annual football match with the winning proceeds used to buy uniforms and coach the youth of nearby villages.

Guests are often so touched by the friendly locals they meet while on the island, that they send gifts and donations to help support the surrounding villages. We know that your clients will also fall in love with the charm and allure of the spice island. Visit The Zanzibar Collection website to get started on your client’s next journey, and let us know how we can help as well.

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