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Seeing Stripes in Uganda

Uganda prides itself on being home to myriad unique and special animals, including zebra. Zebra’s black and white stripes are familiar to most, but interestingly, each animal’s pattern is unique which, along with their call and scent, helps a foal identify their mother.

Zebra are members of the horse family and are social animals that live in herds and sleep standing up – the same as a horse. An interesting theory is that zebra move in herds to confuse predators, since a moving group of zebra creates one large flickering mass of stripes making it hard to zero in on a target. The expert guides at Speke Uganda Holidays are well versed on the behavior and habitat of the fascinating zebra and will share their knowledge with your clients while on game drives in Uganda’s beautiful parks.

Both Lake Mburo National Park and the more remote Kidepo Valley National Park are home to large populations of zebra. Clients seeking full immersion into the culture andwildlife of Uganda should choose the 21-day Uganda Wilderness Camping Adventure offered by Speke. Traversing the country’s highlights, this excursion includes visits to Queen Elizabeth National Park, fabulous Murchison Falls National Park and of course game drives among the abundance of zebra at both Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley National Parks. Your clients will be delighted with the variety of activities on their Uganda adventure that include boat cruises, game drives, gorilla trekking and visits to local communities and to sites of prehistoric rock paintings.

Visit the Speke Uganda Holidays website to view the complete itinerary for this safari and to view the other options offered that include affordable, deluxe, and luxury tours that can be customized to match your clients’ schedules and interests. Please let us know how we can be of help as you plan your clients’ holiday in Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa.’

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