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Travel Marketing Worldwide (TMW) is a small group of senior travel industry consultants who represent a collection of boutique properties and in-bound operators in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East & North Africa to North America-based tour operators and travel agents. These tour operators and travel agents consider us their trusted authority when it comes to exposing them to the unique and niche in-country providers we represent…what we like to call our ‘hidden gems’. At TMW, we are focused on building relationships by connecting our in-country clients with the right buyers and resellers within the U.S. market that ultimately leads to increased business for our clients from the U.S. 

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, TMW has become a trusted authority with both our clients and the North America-based tour operators and travel agents who act as the resellers of our clients' products. We pride ourselves on having our collective finger truly on the pulse of the upscale, active, adventure and specialty travel and hospitality sector. Through creation of our proprietary databases of the ninety or so key North America operators that sell over 90% of the outbound travel to each of TMW’s regions (which we affectionately calls our ‘Nifty 90’), our consultants know all the right people in all the right places to foster the relationships and make the connections necessary to build brand awareness and ultimately drive incremental sales for our clients.

We take great pride in being innovative, creative and tech-savvy, delivering valuable and honest product information, market insight and the perspective to North America tour operators and travel agents via webinars and other e-marketing tools, plus one-to-one training. It’s no surprise that our reseller partners in North America praise us for our passion, enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, attention to detail and follow up.

Now more than ever, both boutique and experiential travel/hospitality providers around the world and North America-based operators and resellers need a ‘trusted authority’ like TMW to facilitate critical connections so that adventurous travelers have a meaningfully differentiated option to the glut of homogenous ‘me-too’ mass market and overpriced ultra-luxury vacation product offerings.

Travel Marketing Worldwide…passionately committed to building the bridges that build business.

Meet the Travel Marketing Worldwide Team

Our team of travel marketing consultants includes:

John O'Brien - President
Gretchen Healey - Social Media Marketing Consultant 

John O'Brien, President 


Between exploring the Arctic Circle in the dead of winter, tiger tracking in Nepal, cruising the length of the Nile in Egypt, camping under the stars in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, shaking the hand of Pope John Paul in Vatican City, exploring Africa on safari covering four countries, discovering China’s most remote cities, John O’Brien has led a lifetime of exotic travel experiences that have prepared him for his role as President of Travel Marketing Worldwide.

Following a successful career with a Fortune 50 company, including years on assignment based in New Delhi, India, John had the opportunity to travel the globe extensively for both business and pleasure. As a result, John offers the Travel Marketing Worldwide portfolio of clients a unique blend of international travel business expertise and a keen understanding of adventure travel worldwide.

Greeting clients and the travel industry with his ever-present smile and wide open door, John looks forward to meeting TMW’s valued trade partners as he crosses the country in the coming months ahead.

Gretchen Healey, Social Media Marketing Consultant

P1100062Following a successful career as an executive in the Information Technology industry, Gretchen decided to turn her limited vacation time into a career.  She has been in the travel industry in a variety of roles since 2009, including safari sales, travel writing and also as the head of Pangolin Media, a social media marketing company.

Gretchen has had a lifelong passion for travel. She has adventured in Europe, Canada, Latin and South America, New Zealand and, of course, Africa. She has trekked both the Nursery and Skeleton routes on Table Mountain, climbed kopjies in Kruger, snorkeled in Lake Malawi, peered over the edge of Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island and slipped quietly through the Okavango Delta in a mokoro. Not content with limiting herself to those African adventures, she then trekked chimps in Tanzania and Uganda, slept under the Kalahari stars, trekked gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and walked through the South Luangwa and Busanga Plains in Zambia. She know she has a lot more to see, however, and fuels her passion for marketing Africa's diverse destinations through her extensive continued travels.

At Travel Marketing Worldwide, Gretchen uses her travel experiences to drive demand for African travel in the consumer marketplace through the use of social media outlets and travel blogs.

When not neck-deep in writing about and promoting Africa, Gretchen is outside - either gardening, hiking, walking her rambunctious dog or skiing.